Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Computer Age

We are in the modern age right now right.. But have you really thought about what the modern age really is?? Everything is computer......

I mean everything. We shop on line, we date on line everything has gone to these so called lap tops.

Our children have them both computerized games as what X-BOX where they are hooked to the TV's and not only do they play games with themselves but others. Headsets are worn to chat back and forth. And do you really know who they are playing with on line in these room? Are you sure who they say they are is in fact little Jimmy on the other side of town?

Have you ever thought that it could be some one that should not be there talking to your child? That really scares me because I have 2 grand children and I have friends with kids and the just get on these on line games and go for hours. How easy would it be for some one to be on there and be friend them and then say or do something? This has really made me think.

And let's not even begin to talk about the hours they spend on the net playing. Hours and hours right. School work done yet dear? Yes. Ok then it's alright to play.

My daughter tells me the kids don't give out any personal information. But what would it take for some one to get it from them???

What happened to meeting the children your kids play with and their family??

What happen to the things we done as a child? Was it really so bad back then??

There is no communication face to face now. I know we want to give our children what we never had. But when is it enough?

And what was wrong with our childhood years ago? I see it and hear it everyday. "My child wants to spend every moment in front of the TV playing games."
He/she doesn't go out and play with any children in the neighbor hood or they don't want to play in any sports.

Well in the end who's fault is it??

We have become a generation where we do everything on the net. All of our pictures and contacts are on there. Question when is the last time you actually mailed a letter. I mean mailed it with the US Post Office? I can honestly say it's been years for me. I don't even know what a stamp cost...lol...

And as computers go I am not what you call a computer idiot. But when my 8 yr old grand daughter and my 6 yr old grand son knows more about getting around the net than I do OMG where are things going??

I have a myspace account yeah I know... And I have had it for years on years. Back when it was for adults that's way before the younger ones decided to come in and take over. But when that happened I put a block on my page where no one under the age of 18 could see my page. Simply because I didn't want to run a chance of speaking with someone I didn't know who was or how old. I had a 14yr old yes ask me to be friends.

Well I refused because of the age guess what happened? And even said I am sorry but you are way to young to be on my page....

The little shit was a 14 yr old hacker. Yes at the young ripe age of 14. He sent me and e-mail and said not friends then enemies.... Then the little shit went in my site and closed it and then it was gone.

What are we teaching our children?

We do everything on line now. We shop, pay our bills, we even have a network to help us find some one to date and possibly marry. Oh yeah you see it all the time on TV. How some one signed up to find either Mr right or Miss perfect. What next??
Will we be going on the net to make the perfect child???

And what about the next generation??? What will they be doing?? If a 6 and a 8 yr old can do this now what will be next.

Will there be any need of human contact in the future?? Or will we be a generation of shut in's afraid to go out side and do anything. No contact with another human other than texting or e-mailing.

OMG what has the modern world done and what will it do for our children to come???
Hey if I have said something that offends any one then what? You'll e-mail me and say so right...lol...

I know it's crazy and I really can't say why I thought of this to write but it kind of hit me like bricks today and is all I have thought about.....

Have a great day if you want to throw tomatoes go ahead....lol....

Happy Holidays

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Southern Style Dinner

Southern cooking - Low Country and Soul food. Traditional heirloom recipes handed down from generation to generation. Good old comfort food the kind that makes you feel warm all over inside……

Ok I have been cooking for years at least as far back as I can remember. And I really like to play with food. I should say I like to experiment with food.
Growing up I cooked for my self and my younger two sisters when either my mother was working or just gone.

And through the years I have done different types of food but mostly the area from where I was raised from. Good old fashion southern home cooking. The only thing is I try and zip up the recipes some what.

Well after my divorce some what seven years ago and my children grew up there was no need to cook any more. I always enjoyed cooking but why cook now it was just me. And I never knew how to cook in small amounts because when the girls were younger there were always a house full of the neighbors kids at our table to eat. So you could say I always cooked for an army….lol….
And after I became on my own again I just never learned to cook for one. And it was easier to just pick some thing up for my self. So this is what I did for I guess 2 years.

Then the third year or so I started cooking for my friends. And as always it was enough to feed and army with plenty of left over’s for a day or two.

Now I know there are people out there that don’t believe in left over’s. However let me say this. There are some foods that get better the next day when it’s allowed to sit over night in a fridge. Don’t know why or if it really matters but it’s true.

One of those foods happen to be southern cooked collard greens.
Not to get tangled with mustard greens or even turnip greens. And yeah these types of foods aren’t for every one. And yet there have been some that come from different parts of the country that didn’t even know what a collard was and tasted them and fall in love with them.

Now not every one from the south knows how to cook collards either. And then there are different ways to eat them. Some use vinegar, some use hot sauce and then there are the ones that just eat them plan and some times even right out of the bowl.

So let me say this I have some friends that like this southern cooked greens an some that don’t. Well he didn’t know if he liked it or not until he tried it. And he doesn’t. But that’s alright because he isn’t even from here so he don’t count any way….lol…. (From another country...)
But I can say this he tried it before he made his choice. And was a good sport about it also... Right Brit....

But the other guys up at the shop well lets say there is nothing left of the dinner I made. And let me say Remy, Pain,and Shop Rat will not just eat anything either. The are picky eaters.
I always make a special dinner one night a week. Well the person I made the dinner for didn’t call and say they weren’t going to be in town because of what ever reason.
But that’s alright...lol...
I will forgive ....again.....

So I got busy with work for a few days and I didn’t get a chance to call them or run by to see if dinner was still planned. Then the night before I started getting things together for this Southern Cooked meal with out even thinking if I should call to check. Well there phone doesn’t even work half the time any way when you call in but it's fine to call out with.
So I cooked this Southern meal all from scratch as I do with ever meal I have done and I had everything almost ready when I found out that my friend wasn’t in town….

So I called up a mutual friend and asked him if he wanted some collards, baked chicken, steamed carrots and of course home made cornbread.
Hey I had to give it to some one. I can't stand to buy all the stuff and spend all the time cooking to just dump it. But I can say I have done this also. Then I called the guys at the shop and asked if they had eaten yet and as always they said bring it right over. So I loaded everything up in my army food carrier and off I went to feed five guys.

So I hope my friend knows just what a wonderful Southern Home Cooked Meal they missed.
And I hope the McDonald's french fries were old....lol...

This is the menu from dinner last night…….

Home cooked collards with ham hock… 3 hrs to just cut up the 1 hr to cook.

Rosemary baked chicken….. Over night marinated and cooked slow for about an hr.

Steamed carrots with garlic, and olive oil and lemon….. 45 minutes to prepare.

Home made from scratch cornbread with onions and cheese… About an hr. to do with mixing and cooking time.

So I guess as of now I am out of the cooking business for friends. Not that I will not cook again but why should I. I loved to cook for those who enjoy it...
Of course the guys at the shop will more than like be willing to take any left over’s I can come up with. They would more than likely have cooking twice a week. But it's just not the same so. So I think for a while I will Just leave the pots and pans in there place and put away the recipe's and take a brake from this have cooking thing since there is no need to do so.

Did I mention I love to cook for those that enjoy what I make?? I am always told when I ask what do you want for dinner? The reply is always "you always come up with something better than what I could even think of"…..

So friend when you talk to the other friend ask them how your collards were…lol….

Have a great day every one and enjoy your weekend and be safe……
Happy eating if there is someone that you love then share the comfort of food with them………
And happy cooking for those who love to cook……..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween one of the best times of the year at least for me it is. It’s a time when so many people’s imagination comes to life. And you can be what you want with out any one looking at you as if you were a Looney tune. Well this year I wanted to make and impression and I think I did. As everyone knows there are always these places we visit when we are clubbing in our home towns that every one we knows goes there.

Well there is this place in my home town that I go to where they always have an awesome Halloween Parties.
And every year I plan and make my own costume just so I can go out and enjoy the fun and hopefully win or come in and place some where among the best costumes there

I start planning sometimes six months before time for a costume. And every year it never fails someone that goes out an buy’s or rent’s a costume the day before always seems to get the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

So I planned and worked and penciled out my costume and finally I came up with and off the chain out of the ordinary ideal.
Well if you don’t know me by now you should know that I am very different than the normal forty-six year old grandmother of two. I don’t fit the square peg for sure. Matter of fact the people that do know me will tell you that there is not a peg I fit into at all. I am a different kind of person. One who has little fear at all of anything and I will just about try anything one time to just see what it is like.

I am adventures I guess you can call it. Raised as a tomboy around nothing but boys I learned that there was nothing I couldn’t do because of age or sex. Of course this did get me in lots of trouble growing up. Broken bones and a lot of stitches and I do have all the scars to prove it….lol…

I am adventures I guess you can call it. Raised as a tomboy around nothing but boys I learned that there was nothing I couldn’t do because of age or sex. Of course this did get me in lots of trouble growing up. Broken bones and a lot of stitches and I do have all the scars to prove it….lol…

Months I worked on this and talked with my friends down at Tattoo’s with Style about the design and what I wanted. And the good guys there decided that they would like to offer this at there shop so the work was complements from them.

Pain the owner and Aaron the needle guy and tattoo artist and Adrian the British artist that helped with the work and the planning also.

So with the design I got so excited about this Halloween night. Which turned out to be more than I ever expected. And in my little town they are still talking about that night with awe. All the ideals were mine and the designs were mine just twicked a little from the guys. But It went very well and I enjoyed it very much.
The response I got was so over whelming and I guess I am now starting to design next’s years costume now so don’t be surprised what you are in for next year….lol… The sky is the limit.

Now to tell some about the people in the group. Or should I say the small gang…lol….

My two daughters were the one which didn’t dress Stacy and the other was the Ref Tracy. Then a very good friend Libby who was the Witch of the gang. Then my best friend Monk which we could decide if he was a Limo Driver or one of the guys from Men in Black. By the time he arrived at the tattoo studio he was already a few drinks in front of the others.

Then his beautiful wife Stacy which was my Body Guard and she was the best body guard I ever had.

Then there was Ashley which was a Modern Day Hooker beats me but that was what she said she was. She was cute any ways. Then there was Brain well lets see if I can explain him. Very sweet guy but he kind of lets the shop group do as they want. He really didn’t have a costume so they all kicked in and made him some thing.

Brain had a blue head and a green beard and they put a clown nose on him so this turned him into a Psycho Clown. The Christina she was a Modern Day Cowgirl Cop. Then there was Lenny on of the guys from a pub we go to every now and then he was dressed as a Big Dick and Balls….lol The envy of all. .lol….
Then there was Bubba well he went as his self just a Redneck…. Cindy went as Trailer Park Trash but a very cute one at that. Adrian who said he was Bug but if you ask me he looked more like one of those Sprites from the fairy tales. Then Pain which he just came as his self the Artist……

Large gang compared to most of the ones I went to before where I was just winging it all by my self. But it was a very nice Halloween. Every one drank except for me which I was not allowed to because of all the things they done to my back. But I will admit that I did have two drinks at the end of the night before I left.
So this is my Halloween Costume. Four months of preparing and hard work.

And one hour in the hair dresser chair gluing on my white horns and taking my red hair down to black and making it all so Wild……

Then over to the Tattoo shop where we laid out my wings and every thing to go in order to put on. Let me tell you this shop even though they are my friends and have been for a long while. We have fun there all the time. Every one is always up beat and happy and they always find something to crack on to make you laugh. I will tell you they picked on me a lot before they even started to get to work on me. And when they started the job then everything was very professional and they were outstanding. They showed not just concern for what they were doing but also with how I was feeling also. Hey guys I give you all a very big AAA ++++.

Thanks for everything and making me the talk of the town…..lol…..
So I guess it’s time to unveil the show as in my world.

Happy Halloween everyone I hope you all had a wonderful night and it was a memorable one as well.
So here we go on my ride. From start to the finish this is the making of the gargoyles flight.

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween night and guess what next year is already in the planning stage.
Can't wait till then.... What will you plan to do and be?????