Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Computer Age

We are in the modern age right now right.. But have you really thought about what the modern age really is?? Everything is computer......

I mean everything. We shop on line, we date on line everything has gone to these so called lap tops.

Our children have them both computerized games as what X-BOX where they are hooked to the TV's and not only do they play games with themselves but others. Headsets are worn to chat back and forth. And do you really know who they are playing with on line in these room? Are you sure who they say they are is in fact little Jimmy on the other side of town?

Have you ever thought that it could be some one that should not be there talking to your child? That really scares me because I have 2 grand children and I have friends with kids and the just get on these on line games and go for hours. How easy would it be for some one to be on there and be friend them and then say or do something? This has really made me think.

And let's not even begin to talk about the hours they spend on the net playing. Hours and hours right. School work done yet dear? Yes. Ok then it's alright to play.

My daughter tells me the kids don't give out any personal information. But what would it take for some one to get it from them???

What happened to meeting the children your kids play with and their family??

What happen to the things we done as a child? Was it really so bad back then??

There is no communication face to face now. I know we want to give our children what we never had. But when is it enough?

And what was wrong with our childhood years ago? I see it and hear it everyday. "My child wants to spend every moment in front of the TV playing games."
He/she doesn't go out and play with any children in the neighbor hood or they don't want to play in any sports.

Well in the end who's fault is it??

We have become a generation where we do everything on the net. All of our pictures and contacts are on there. Question when is the last time you actually mailed a letter. I mean mailed it with the US Post Office? I can honestly say it's been years for me. I don't even know what a stamp cost...lol...

And as computers go I am not what you call a computer idiot. But when my 8 yr old grand daughter and my 6 yr old grand son knows more about getting around the net than I do OMG where are things going??

I have a myspace account yeah I know... And I have had it for years on years. Back when it was for adults that's way before the younger ones decided to come in and take over. But when that happened I put a block on my page where no one under the age of 18 could see my page. Simply because I didn't want to run a chance of speaking with someone I didn't know who was or how old. I had a 14yr old yes ask me to be friends.

Well I refused because of the age guess what happened? And even said I am sorry but you are way to young to be on my page....

The little shit was a 14 yr old hacker. Yes at the young ripe age of 14. He sent me and e-mail and said not friends then enemies.... Then the little shit went in my site and closed it and then it was gone.

What are we teaching our children?

We do everything on line now. We shop, pay our bills, we even have a network to help us find some one to date and possibly marry. Oh yeah you see it all the time on TV. How some one signed up to find either Mr right or Miss perfect. What next??
Will we be going on the net to make the perfect child???

And what about the next generation??? What will they be doing?? If a 6 and a 8 yr old can do this now what will be next.

Will there be any need of human contact in the future?? Or will we be a generation of shut in's afraid to go out side and do anything. No contact with another human other than texting or e-mailing.

OMG what has the modern world done and what will it do for our children to come???
Hey if I have said something that offends any one then what? You'll e-mail me and say so right...lol...

I know it's crazy and I really can't say why I thought of this to write but it kind of hit me like bricks today and is all I have thought about.....

Have a great day if you want to throw tomatoes go ahead....lol....

Happy Holidays

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brneyedgal967 said...

No tomato throwing here. Part of what you're saying is spot on ... there is more computer interaction than social interaction than there used to be. Lord knows I spend more time with my blog and blog buddies than with my real friends these days - which is wrong.

I think with parents - it's up to them to control it. My kids have computers, but they can't have them in their bedrooms. They also have a spyware I put on there called E-Blaster (www.spectorsoft.com) - it sends me a report of EVERYTHING they do online... what websites they go to, what they type, e-mails in and out, IM messages... you name it. They are too young and naive and could easily be tricked or lured into something by a predator. Not on my watch. They also don't know it's on there - the reports are e-mailed to me.

Monkey Girl gets 1 hour of computer and 1 hour of TV a day. She can spend 2 hours on computer or 2 hours on TV, but a 2 hour max altogether. She has to be participating in one sport each season. She has a Wii, but that's it. She doesn't have any handheld games (Nintendo DS or iPods) - she wants them, but I won't get them. A computer and a Wii are plenty and way more than I had as a kid.

Kids today think they're entitled to have all these gadgets - bullshit. Not to mention how expensive they are - it's crazy when I see her friends who have laptops ($800), nice iPods ($200), Wii ($300) + several games ($200), PS3 ($500) + several games ($200)... etc, etc... I'm like are you freakin' kidding me?? It's ridiculous.

Okay... look... now you've got me ranting. LOL