Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween one of the best times of the year at least for me it is. It’s a time when so many people’s imagination comes to life. And you can be what you want with out any one looking at you as if you were a Looney tune. Well this year I wanted to make and impression and I think I did. As everyone knows there are always these places we visit when we are clubbing in our home towns that every one we knows goes there.

Well there is this place in my home town that I go to where they always have an awesome Halloween Parties.
And every year I plan and make my own costume just so I can go out and enjoy the fun and hopefully win or come in and place some where among the best costumes there

I start planning sometimes six months before time for a costume. And every year it never fails someone that goes out an buy’s or rent’s a costume the day before always seems to get the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

So I planned and worked and penciled out my costume and finally I came up with and off the chain out of the ordinary ideal.
Well if you don’t know me by now you should know that I am very different than the normal forty-six year old grandmother of two. I don’t fit the square peg for sure. Matter of fact the people that do know me will tell you that there is not a peg I fit into at all. I am a different kind of person. One who has little fear at all of anything and I will just about try anything one time to just see what it is like.

I am adventures I guess you can call it. Raised as a tomboy around nothing but boys I learned that there was nothing I couldn’t do because of age or sex. Of course this did get me in lots of trouble growing up. Broken bones and a lot of stitches and I do have all the scars to prove it….lol…

I am adventures I guess you can call it. Raised as a tomboy around nothing but boys I learned that there was nothing I couldn’t do because of age or sex. Of course this did get me in lots of trouble growing up. Broken bones and a lot of stitches and I do have all the scars to prove it….lol…

Months I worked on this and talked with my friends down at Tattoo’s with Style about the design and what I wanted. And the good guys there decided that they would like to offer this at there shop so the work was complements from them.

Pain the owner and Aaron the needle guy and tattoo artist and Adrian the British artist that helped with the work and the planning also.

So with the design I got so excited about this Halloween night. Which turned out to be more than I ever expected. And in my little town they are still talking about that night with awe. All the ideals were mine and the designs were mine just twicked a little from the guys. But It went very well and I enjoyed it very much.
The response I got was so over whelming and I guess I am now starting to design next’s years costume now so don’t be surprised what you are in for next year….lol… The sky is the limit.

Now to tell some about the people in the group. Or should I say the small gang…lol….

My two daughters were the one which didn’t dress Stacy and the other was the Ref Tracy. Then a very good friend Libby who was the Witch of the gang. Then my best friend Monk which we could decide if he was a Limo Driver or one of the guys from Men in Black. By the time he arrived at the tattoo studio he was already a few drinks in front of the others.

Then his beautiful wife Stacy which was my Body Guard and she was the best body guard I ever had.

Then there was Ashley which was a Modern Day Hooker beats me but that was what she said she was. She was cute any ways. Then there was Brain well lets see if I can explain him. Very sweet guy but he kind of lets the shop group do as they want. He really didn’t have a costume so they all kicked in and made him some thing.

Brain had a blue head and a green beard and they put a clown nose on him so this turned him into a Psycho Clown. The Christina she was a Modern Day Cowgirl Cop. Then there was Lenny on of the guys from a pub we go to every now and then he was dressed as a Big Dick and Balls….lol The envy of all. .lol….
Then there was Bubba well he went as his self just a Redneck…. Cindy went as Trailer Park Trash but a very cute one at that. Adrian who said he was Bug but if you ask me he looked more like one of those Sprites from the fairy tales. Then Pain which he just came as his self the Artist……

Large gang compared to most of the ones I went to before where I was just winging it all by my self. But it was a very nice Halloween. Every one drank except for me which I was not allowed to because of all the things they done to my back. But I will admit that I did have two drinks at the end of the night before I left.
So this is my Halloween Costume. Four months of preparing and hard work.

And one hour in the hair dresser chair gluing on my white horns and taking my red hair down to black and making it all so Wild……

Then over to the Tattoo shop where we laid out my wings and every thing to go in order to put on. Let me tell you this shop even though they are my friends and have been for a long while. We have fun there all the time. Every one is always up beat and happy and they always find something to crack on to make you laugh. I will tell you they picked on me a lot before they even started to get to work on me. And when they started the job then everything was very professional and they were outstanding. They showed not just concern for what they were doing but also with how I was feeling also. Hey guys I give you all a very big AAA ++++.

Thanks for everything and making me the talk of the town…..lol…..
So I guess it’s time to unveil the show as in my world.

Happy Halloween everyone I hope you all had a wonderful night and it was a memorable one as well.
So here we go on my ride. From start to the finish this is the making of the gargoyles flight.

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween night and guess what next year is already in the planning stage.
Can't wait till then.... What will you plan to do and be?????


Anonymous said...

Way to show'em mim.

My man in the moon said...

Thank you, Thank you.... Hope you Halloween was great....

brneyedgal967 said...

OMG!!! Now most people would've just done wings on some kind of body suit... but you did the REAL DEAL!!! Wow!

I am such a baby when it comes to pain which is why I won't get a tattoo... OMG... how could you stand all those pins in your back! It looks excruciatingly painful to me - but WOW... the end result was fantastic and VERY ORIGINAL!!!

Great job!