Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey Every One

Ok to all my friends that have tried to call me. Sorry I had my phone put on hold for a bit.
Besides Nextel doesn't work outside the country. Who figured with what they charge they should work all over the world...
Well I should be home in well about 10 days. I will then post every thing and pictures where I went for my alone day holiday.
I have been quite busy and hadn't had that much time to answer e-mails or post.
And frankly to say the truth connecting over in another country well let me just say I just don't understand some of their
But it's been good and I have had some fun. Met a lot of new people but I guess I am ready to come home.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

And will be home soon.......

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brneyedgal967 said...

Out of the country? Where? Do tell! And definitely hope you're enjoying your alone holiday - it sounds fabulous!!