Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something New

Well it's been a while since I have graced this place with my presents. I think a few people have laid there blogs a side for a while due to this new thing that has popped up. Facebook....

Oh yeah I am guilty of this also. Now I have many web pages that when I am not so busy or I am looking to just chat with someone I know or what ever I go to. I think we all do this.

Those who have or had the Myspace page which has been a rage for some years now has even given it up for this new page. Let's not forget Twitter too. Me I haven't yet got into this one as of yet. And I may not because frankly I don't have the time.

The difference I feel between these pages and the blogging ones is that there is no need to really think what you will put into the writings. And the pictures you will post. You just say something as if you were just talking to someone. And just post pictures like you would have in a picture album on your coffee table.

I think these pages are more for those who just want to read and talk back and forth with out just picking up a phone and calling the person or just simply e-mailing them. It can be just a simple statement or question.

I think people are getting so caught up in there day to day lives that they don't have the time to sit and think about what to write. It does take a bit of time.
Then there are those that just think that they can't write. And of course those that can't understand the writings of others. Because it takes to much time to either read between the lines or something.

My blog has never been one of great words of wisdom or advice in one manner or another. It's been filled with just feelings that I have felt due to life's play I guess would be the word that describes it best for me.

Basically it's just for me I guess to express my feelings and get them out of my head. And because I like to write.
And to communicate with one who is not able to call and talk.

Funny how life plays games with our brains. Things we think are so important to us is just mere writings that either make others laugh, cry, or sigh.

So to the next stage of things on this wide world of web. Have fun with it but remember that something else will pop up and take the place of these new wonders.

And to all those that keep blogging my hats off to you. You are a true breed.

I was told once by a friend of mine who I once tried to get to blog with me. She said that they reason she doesn't blog is that people get long winded and don't say what they mean by using short phrases and getting to the point.

Well if any one is like me it is hard to just write to the point. Because there are so many pictures in the brain and so many stories rambling there that it is hard to just put out something like I don't like chocolate chip cookies. I am the one person that has to go into depth and say just why I don't like them.

Does this make me a deep person. No I just have a way of describing things I see and feel. And sometime story telling time can be fun.

Just some more long winded thoughts of a brain that thinks way too much.....

If you are among all those that do the Facebook or Myspace or what ever if I have offended any of you. My deepest apologies.

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