Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thinking Of Something

A long time ago I met this wonderful person and still to this day this person is my best friend.
Along the way all the good times we had my friend told me I should be writing. With so much going on in my life I just put it a side and only thought about it every once in a while.
Now thinking about it I really don't think it was that I didn't have the time to sit down and write. I think maybe it wasn't time to write about it. Now six years later I sit at my computer and at first I just looked at the blank screen for hours. Then it happened.
The words started coming and my fingers couldn't keep up at first with all the things running through my brain. But now it has started.
Everything seems to be just pouring out.
The questions that may be asked. Is this a true story? Yes. Will it make you laugh? Yes. Will it make you cry? Yes. But to say it will be a happy ending I can't say. Because the story hasn't come to a end as of yet.
But as in life the story never comes to a end till it's time.
I have changed the names and some other things due to there is some of the people in the story. Because if they ever found out about these things a few would not only be hurt but there would be anger and there is no telling what this snowball could cause.
Why write it then? Because if this story could help some one going through the same thing then that is enough. If it could let someone else know that someone some where out there knows what it is like and they understand. Then I can say I do.
I know there are others that have been caught up in this very same thing. Some just don't last this long and for others it has gone on longer and is still going on.
Will it make some make a decision? Maybe I am not sure. But I do know that if I had read something like this four years ago when the question was asked of me I would have said yes. Which would have more than likely put things in to motion and now I maybe living with the one that I love and not just being the one that is just a best friend when he comes to town and has the time to visit.
So when I have the first chapter I will post for comments and as they are finished I will post new chapters.
I hope that when all is said and done the one that I have wrote about reads will understand and just maybe walking back through all of it will not only enjoy it for all the wonderful memories but will finally see what love is really about.
Oh yeah I haven't came up with a name for it yet that will come before it's over.

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