Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Grand Kids Are Coming Today ! !

Today is the big day. My grand kids are arriving sometime today from up north. And it's not for just the summer as usual. But they are coming to stay. Being 12 hours away is sometimes hard when your busy and you just can't just take off to go see them. Every time I see them I notice a change in them. But of course it's because they are growing up.

It's kind of like when you have kids and you work all the time or your away with work. When you come home you finally get to see your kid has grown up with out you.

These two children are my heart and soul. They have some things in common with a great deal of other children here on this side of the world.

There dad serves in the Army. He has been over across that big blue ocean doing a job protecting what's important to him and his country.

Like most of the children that have father's or yes even mother's off doing their job they miss out on some of the most wonderful things.

A tooth coming out and the tooth fairy leaving a dollar or two. Wow when I was a kid the tooth fairy never left me a dollar or two. All mine was worth was .25 cents. Wow how times have changed. I guess back then if you would have gave a kid a dollar or two for a tooth they would have been pulling all their teeth out right then to make that money ....LOL....

I guess what I am saying is our children are growing up faster and faster now. And before we know it they are grown and gone. The things you want to share or do there will not be time. Because now they have to go out and go to collage and work.

Then there will come a time that they will find someone that will be there love and yes they will marry and maybe they will stay in the same home town. But then maybe they won't.

Years will pass and you will be looking at pictures of summers or holidays where you were together and having fun. And you will remember what it was like at that moment. And you will smile and a tear will come to your eyes and joy to your heart. But then there will be times when you will look at them and say to your self. "Gosh they have grown so much where did the time go"?

So today is a big day for me ! !
My two wonderful grand kids are moving home where I can spend some time with they.
My daughter does realize that this means lots of spoiling from me.
My grand son has just turned 6yrs old this month. So a party is in order. What kind I have no ideal but I am sure water will be some where in it. I'll tell you this I think they are part fish ...LOL...

But what kid isn't. My grand daughter likes to sleep with me when she is here. But I have figured out why she has been doing this. Yes she loves grandma (Oh I guess I said it didn't I the G word ...LOL...) she does but I have figured out why she would rather stay with me instead of sleeping in her own room.
Grandma has routines. I get up and I go get coffee. Why make it? I go get coffee and visit with some of the other people I know at the coffee shop. But she knows that I go and if she gets up and gets ready she can ride there and get her hot chocolate. (Plus a bag of doughnuts)
Well it looks like fate has come in and gave me a hand in my life also. Not that I am replacing a loss with something else. I am just going to put that extra time into having some fun with my wonderful grand kids.
Beach days, picnics yes movies. I am going to let my little kid out and play with my grand kids. Were going to have lots of fun.
Before I close this post I want to say something. I want to say a very special thank you to my new friends here in the great blog world.
Ashley, Mental P Mana, asthmagirl, flea, laura peach, midlife gals,
granny annie, Kay Dennison, bare naked.
For all the support you have given. I look forwards to reading more of your stuff and becoming a member of this great family of blogging.
Thank you for you friendships.


Mental P Mama said...

I am so happy they are coming! Can't wait to see more beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Looks like you'll be having loads of fun! I'm glad to hear that you're happy once more my friend. Keep up the great posts!


Anonymous said...

You'll have a great time, love the pictures!

Flea said...

Your grandkids are gorgeous. So glasd they're with you.