Monday, May 19, 2008


(Ok the name’s in this story has been changed to protect the innocent. ME!! …lol…)

Ok summer is here! Yeah I know it’s rough isn’t it? Those who have kids will be pulling your hair out because there is no school for them to go and give you that little escape. Well it’s not that bad. At least not to what I remember.
Of course my youngest is 24 yrs old so it’s been a while since I have had to get children up and out to the school bus. And it’s been a while since I have had a summer that I had to come up with things for the girls to do to keep them happy. “WOW” It’s has been a long time.

Recently two of my wonderful friends Monk (this is because he is just like monk clean freak and Snow White (this is because she is sweet and she takes care of everyone …lol..) took 9 whole days to their selves.

They went on a cruise to relax and to have that honeymoon they never really had. I think it’s so wonderful and romantic. Well these two are what you could say WORK ALOLIHCS !
She’s a hair dresser and a wonderful at that and he is into law . He works just about 7 days a week 52 to 85 and some times more hours.

So not only do they not get to see each other like most couples do at the dinner table they don’t get to do the family vacation like the normal world does either.

It’s a hit or miss on the weekends for family and friends to get together and enjoy just the simple things you or I take advantage of.

Sundays are reserved for the tiki bar an karaoke with everyone laughing singing and having fun or the garage door to be raised and the so called man grill being pulled out. These are rotated or depending on what’s going on at the time. If it’s the garage thing then all the friends and kids gather for food and fun. And let me tell you there can been some fun times.

The boys "Bam-Bam" (this is because he likes baseball a tall handsome 17 yr old. Very smart kid in school and he is into sports. He just got his letterman’s jacket and letter this week.

Then there is "Leroy Jetson" (this is because he likes to skateboard …lol..) he just turned 15 yrs. old and also very handsome young man who is also very smart but he is the skateboarder kid. And let me tell you some of the things he does on that board sends shivers down my spine. “WOW”

Last but not least there is "Wall-e" (this is because he is very smart and he has a sweet side). Now he is completely different. He just turned 13 yrs. old this past march and I know but he is my favorite.

Maybe it’s because we were born in the same month. But he is a charmer all the girls love him and he just has this thing about him that draws you in. Now he is very smart in school and he is into baseball and he is also into skateboarding. But there is a side to him that is sensitive.
Again it’s got to be the month he was born in. Damn Pisces. We are a different kind of human being. But all in all they are boys and great ones at that.

Ok back to the story since I have told you some background about all of them. Oh I forgot one person. Mema (grandma) she doesn’t want to be called grandma.
She is a wonderful women with that little child still inside that most of you forget you have and sooner or later that kid disappears and you grow old.
She has a wonderful time and enjoys life to it’s fullest. She’s about 5 ft 2 or 3 and a firecracker. She’s fun to be around but if you do something stupid she still will call you on it and make you feel like you were in trouble again as a child.

And one more "Dino" (well there is no reason to change his name other than everyone else is why not him too? ,,lol,,) the dog. He’s a very unique work dog. But he is a big part of the family and he loves attention like the kids do.

Ok now I think I have everyone down. So here we go. Monk and Snow White takes a cruise vacation and it’s 9 whole days. The first time mom (Snow White) has been away from her babies ( the boys) ever this long or maybe ever at all. So thru all this Mema ( grandma) and me (best friend) are in charge. Yeah right Let me tell you the three minds of the boys and yes even the dog has us whipped before we even get started …lol…
Now mom and dad are the typical parents. You have chores to do around the house along with the other stuff to do. Notes left every where we love you boys be good that kind of stuff.
Oh and don’t burn the house down while we are gone

Well it’s the day before they come home and the house still stands They have pulled every trick they can because they are young.

There has been baseball games to attend and dentist appointments to take them to and we even have squeezed in a movie. Dinners to cook and be there when they get home from school and helping with school work. Now to let you know Mema and me also work and we haven’t had to do the kid things in a long while.

Get up and get lunch ready and kids off to school in so long. Believe me as time goes we tend to forget things like that. The juggle thing. Work, kids, house and cooking and lets not forget Dino the dog. I will tell you even the dog new he could be a puppy again. He has been full of him self also.
Now time has come for this to end. Mom and dad will be home Sunday. And Mema and I will go back to our regular routines and the wonderful family that I am so blessed to be apart of will return to their daily lives.

Monk going back to his 80 and sometime more work a week and Snow White back to work and the kids and home thing. And Dino will go back to work and leave the puppy for yet another time.
This has been a wonderful time for me. It has gave me wonderful memories and made me realize just how hard you mother’s work to do ever thing needed in the family. How you are the glue that holds everything into place.

It brought back memories of when I was a mom trying to make sure everything is done and the last to go to bed and the first to get up. The taxi cab, the nurse, the cook all the so called little things we do to make it just a normal day.

My hats are off to each and every one of you. And to the single parents you are the most special of all of us. You are not just mom you do the dad thing too.
Hey Monk and Snow White this vacation that you my friends took I hope you had a wonderful time. I hope that you danced and got to re-introduce each other to the persons whom you fell in love with. And why every day you do get up and go about your "MAD HATTER" day.

I love you guys you are very special, caring and loving people. When you pass each other in the halls going to work and the other coming home from a long night.

As you pass each other in the hall reach out and take each others hand. And as you pass and your hand slides over the others. Look into each others eyes. Smile and remember even if it is just a second.

Remember just how important you are to each other.
And how it was to be alone. Because you still have 5 more yrs. before you can dance around the house naked. Not have to lock the door when you are alone in the bedroom.
Not have to rush home because you have to be there to get this one off for this or that. No more kids yelling in the house.
And when that day comes and the two of you are sitting alone together and the house is so quite. You will still hear the echoes of their voices in the walls. You will still hear "Mom" from time to time and turn to see which one has called you. But no one will be there. It’s just our mom mode kicking in to reminds us of the wonderful times all the hustle and bustle really was.
Hats off to all you mom’s you are wonderful!!!
And hey Monk it’s time …… to pull the man grill out and lets have fun like our little families do……
I love you guy’s and thank you for letting me be part of such a wonderful family…



Anonymous said...

Yeah to Mom's everywhere! It's a lot of work as you remember...however I never remember being as busy as the kids are today which seems to put another spin on the exhaustion factor!

Great story and glad life will be back to normal again soon.

Anonymous said...

great story

Mental P Mama said...

That was the most beautiful post! Thanks for bringing me a smile and a tear.