Saturday, May 31, 2008


This morning I was up at 4:45 am again.
The last 2 or 3 weeks I have been wide a wake at this time.
Now I know some of you are saying this isn’t that early.
Well I’m not getting to sleep until 1or 2 am so that’s what 3 ½ hours max.

Well I just can’t manage to get more sleep and I don’t take naps during the day either.
My day starts out and I am going all day doing something all the time.
So today I was meeting a friend of mine (new friend) to take him to go see some airboats.

Now he is a retired lawman (sounds kooky doesn’t it) and he has moved here in my home town and he’s 8 yrs older than me.
Well I met him like 3 or 4 months ago at the Tiki bar I go to with my friends.
He is a very nice man and very intelligent.
And I like talking with him because he is 1 of the few men I know that you can carry on a conversation with that doesn’t start off with one of those Tim the tool guy grunts …lol…
And he doesn’t talk at me or down to me.
It’s so very nice to be able to talk to a man …lol… Oh and on other big plus he listens to what you are saying.
Reminds me of my best friend.

Well I hadn’t seen him in a while and ran into him this past holiday weekend (yes at the Tiki) and we got to talking.
He wants to buy a AIRBOAT.
Well we made arrangements to go see some at my cousins house.
(He builds them on his spare time as a hobby.)

Well I was meeting him to go have lunch and then go out to see if they were what he wanted.

So I got in my car and started off down the road when I saw this little bird in the road.
Me as an animal lover I slowed down to give it time to fly away.
Well the little feller didn’t budge. So I slammed on the brakes put my car in park and get out to see why this fine feather friend didn’t fly away.
Walking up on him he just stood there. That’s when I realized he was just a baby.
He had feathers but not to where he could fly. I then figured he must have fell from the nest.

Now there are cats in my neighbor hood and I didn’t want to give them little buggers a free meal.
I here I was in the middle of the road chasing a little bird calling to him “ come here little baby let me save you”.
Well I can only imagine how I looked. It’s a good thin no one was out there watching me
I finally catch him and notice it’s a baby mockingbird. And yes that old movie did pop into my head.
“TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD” And I am a little superstitious.
I remember being told if you kill a mockingbird you will have bad luck. And I don’t need that besides I have a thing for helpless animals.
I found a baby squirrel once that feel out of the tree.
So little I just couldn’t let him lay there and die. So I saved him and drove him 12 miles or more out of town to this place called
ARONLD’S WILDLIFE REFUGE they take all the wild animals and either nursed them back to health or take care of them until they can be released back to the wild.
Very nice place they have. Well I took the squirrel out there so I knew they would take the baby bird.


Well I call them about this bird and Ms. Sue said yes bring him out.
So here I am driving down the road with this baby bird in one had and trying to get a hold of Scotty on my cell.
I told him what happen and I would be running late but I should be back up town about 45 minutes or so.
Now he is telling me “oh your such a good person for saving this bird it’s alright just call me when your on your way back in.”

Well on my drive out there he is chirping and I am telling him it’s going to be alright you know that sort of thing when all of a sudden this image pops in my mind of my best friend.
And a time when a bird I had fed the day before got killed. I cried about it when I saw it laying there dead.
He put his arms around me and told me it would be alright. He actually got tissue and wiped my tears away.
He has made a big impression on my life. And I am very lucky to have a close friend in him.

Well I get he bird out there and he is safe now so I can go about what I had to do. That’s me taking care of others always before my self.
Well I did meet up with Scotty and we did go look at the airboats and I think he is going to buy one in fact.
He poked fun at me for a little while then said I done my good deed for the week.

Well I don’t see it that way. When you are helping out an animal it’s not doing a good deed. It’s saving nature so you can enjoy it later on.

I know this really didn’t make much sense but I thought I would share it with you. Because my best friend isn’t here right now to share it with. I know he would smile and say something inspiring to me.
I really miss talking with him and laughing with him.
So here’s to all you animal lovers out there when you see a mockingbird fly by think of Harry (the baby bird).



Mental P Mama said...

That is one lucky bird! We have lots of bird babies around here, too, and I worry about them as much as I worry about my own babies. Okay not as much. But I do worry about them. I do. How was the boat adventure?

Anonymous said...

awwww! I would have done the same thing with that baby bird. I love to help animals and I have nursed a baby squirrel, and kittens before and I know how it is to not get any sleep just to feed and take care of those helpless baby animals.